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Why a funeral? Because death is permanent; when something dies, it’s not coming back.
Sharee Samuels was seventeen and 256 pounds when she hit her rock bottom. But with incredible determination and an unflaggingly positive attitude, she went on to lose more than one hundred pounds over the course of five years. When she began documenting her journey on Tumblr, she never expected to become such a powerful voice for health, fitness, and self-love, but her blog, called Funeral for My Fat, soon morphed into an inspirational guide for hundreds of thousands of individuals looking for support and advice on their own fitness journeys.
Here Sharee tells her story. Integral to her success has been her burgeoning passion for teaching group fitness classes, including Zumba, as well as her commitment to eating vegan. However, she firmly believes that it is important for everybody to follow their own paths and find what works for them while treating themselves and their bodies with care and respect.
If you have a journey ahead of you, Sharee has a story worth reading.


"What is remarkable about Samuel's story is the tenacity with which she stuck to her plan even when thrown into circumstances that would have caused many to give up. Her voice has a powerful authenticity."

--The Examiner


“Sharee is a constant source of inspiration, who empowers with kindness and authenticity. For anyone feeling hopeless or overwhelmed with their weight and looking for guidance around transitioning into a healthier lifestyle, this is your book.”

—Leslie Woodward, holistic nutritionist & yoga therapist

“Sharee’s story is not only inspiring, but extremely motivating. With interactive features, this book is a must read.”

—Nika “FitNika101” Bekavac, Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutrition Specialist

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